Entry #1

In need of money help

2017-01-27 02:00:14 by GunRaider

In need of some help I am no longer working and it has been a struggle, if anyone who likes my art for R25 in full colour of any anime/cartoon character you would like. PM me if you want one


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2017-01-27 08:13:17

i thought anime was illegal in south africa i mean you still live under apartheid

GunRaider responds:

Haha no the apartheid ended a long time ago just other problems now. And anime is not illegal here two of our local channels have aired Naruto, Bleach and many others.


2017-03-05 23:59:35

I think the other guy was joking


2017-03-08 13:36:59

So you want a commission?
I wish I had the money to do that.
Good luck in your plights.
You got some good art.

GunRaider responds:

Thank you :)


2017-03-09 08:17:52

I don't have money to give, but do you have a Twitter?

GunRaider responds:

Yes I do my name is @Gigi_GunRaider